Our 4 step approach to growing a brand online
We help develop new ideas and breathe life into old ones.

Consulting & Strategy

We unearth the hidden potential of the web to provide your business with the right strategy; technology and creative solutions that clicks with the way you want to do business. When you think customization think of us. We are the master strategists that work towards giving you an edge over others and help you exceed your targets and maximize your profitability.

We are a young, dashing and enthusiastic team, with sizable amount of experience in the field to direct your needs and translate relevant ideas that are measurable and effective. Our strategic thinking is often 360 degree that means we design a set of initiatives that cater to your customers in an approach that is simplistic but innovative.

Simply put, we can make you look good, online!

Concept & Creative

For an idea to work, it needs technology to take it across to the audience. And without a good idea, technology has nothing to offer. Idea and technology invariably are interdependent. Your audience is looking at million ideas and is only hooked on to those that they can interact with, that gives them a reason to stay on the website. For a brand to click with its audience on the web, it becomes imperative for a brand to present a rich media experience to its consumers.

We will ask you tough questions. We want to know your brand inside-out. We take your work seriously, that is why we undertake an approach that includes brainstorming with clients to understand your brand, build the architecture of it online, in terms of usability, interface and functional aspect of design and then preparing a creative strategy.

Others make it look just pretty, but we make it look pretty and work well too.

Technology & Platform

At PRODITECH, we have the pulse on the latest technology which is why understanding of your brand and its offerings leads us to connect the dots and give you the solution that matches your business objectives. Our team of experts are constantly creating innovative solutions that break barriers to communication challenges and enhances your brand image. We are in the business of building a marketing platform for you that improves your brand’s effectiveness, efficiency and seamlessness across all marketing touch points.

Fourth Step

Marketing & Communication

What makes your brand different from a hundred in your category? Daunting question that you fight everyday, isn’t it? It’s how your brand communicates to the consumer and when your communication is clear, only then will the consumer be here. In this world of short attention spans, getting your target customer listen is a brownie point in itself. Our solutions are offered over digital, graphic and social media. We ensure that our communication ensures acceptability from the “Audience first” and only then it is fit to be a viable solution to the marketing challenge.