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58% of all searches in Google are now done from a mobile device


With Internet over mobile becoming popular in earlier years, it all started with developing separate web interfaces for desktop and mobile devices. Soon after that, responsive web interfaces came into picture. Native apps then made its entry and are definitely here to stay. The latest entrant to this web development timeline is Progressive Web Application. They are now becoming popular mainly due to solving the problems that the responsive web design and native apps face.

Now that you know what PWA actually is (Referring to the earlier Blog), why exactly is it such a huge deal these days? Why has it become such a trending buzzword, especially amongst ecommerce giants? Is it worth the hassle of creating a new page and application hybrid? Well, the answer to that question is yes!

Here are a few reasons why PWS is, indeed, the future of web development:

Acquisition and Conversion:

Acquiring decent discoverability when it comes to native apps is extremely difficult and expensive whereas doing the same over the web is ten times easier as well as cheaper. Not only is it easier to acquire discoverability at a lower cost, PWAs also make of a greater number of conversions as opposed to niche apps as has been proven by many brands and businesses.


The primary goal of this hybrid venture is to make it as easy as possible for the visitors of your page to access what they want. A PWA takes comparatively less time to load and is much faster than a regular web page, making it more usable and bearable for new and repeat customers.


Since key resources are precached for PWAs, it relies less on the network, thus increasing its speed and reliability alike. Even if the network is not strong enough or is not working properly, the PWA will still load and function efficiently.

We will read more advantages of a PWA in the coming blogs.


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