World Wide Logistic Partners Inc.

We partnered with Worldwide Logistic Partners, Inc., a Chicago based Freight & Logistics Services Company to successfully launch their website.

Worldwide Logistic Partners Inc, backed with a network of 200 overseas partners, are a full service logistic provider based in the US. From a humble beginning of a small 6 person team to a large 35+ multi-office company, the team working here have more than 90+ year experience in this field. To showcase all this accolades and achievements in a way to do justice to the company was a challenging task for the creative team at PRODITECH. We did this by firstly strategizing and planning the overall architecture and navigation of the site. Since the company provides over 8 services in Logistics, the site skeleton had to be properly planned to make it look neat yet visually appealing. In each of the service page, we showed a video representation of the company’s offering rather than just a visual. This innovation was commendable by the client and visitors on site too. Overall, the website gave a classy and professional look to the company, just as the client wanted.


Worldwide Logistic Partners Inc.


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