Ashok Leyland – U Truck

We helped the 2nd largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, Ashok Leyland, launch their new range – U Truck, Online!

U truck was a new line of trucks introduced in the market by Ashok Leyland. Hence it faced challenges like:

Penetrating the existing market in competitive environment
To make its mark of a contemporary future truck range with relevant brand values
Showcase the product and its features in a way to leave an impact on the minds of the visitors.
Consistent Branding for Effective Brand Recall.

The Solution that Proditech Solutions gave revolved around introducing this product in the online market with a Bang!
We did this by:

Introducing U truck as a personality as that of a Powerful Man, rugged and strong.
Interesting Flash based Creative to attract the visitors, yet quick to load on average bandwidth speed.
Showcasing each Part of the truck and its features in an innovative fashion.
Quick Development to ensure it meets the brand launch deadline.
The website became an online identity for the customers, since maximum customers were tech savvy.
Good amount of test drive requests received from the site.
Most importantly, the site changed the face of Ashok Leyland as a company, which was visualised to be considerably conservative in nature.

Ashok Leyland


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