Website Development

The first thing people try to look is your website. Your credibility is your online presence. We deliver that.
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Website Creation

If you’re an entrepreneur who owns an SME or a Corporate, looking for making your presence felt in the virtual world, you don’t have to be afraid of the technical details. At Proditech, we are nurturers of websites, big or small, we cater to your ambitions and to your pocket. Right from coining the name of your website to going live with your target audience and helping you rake in those profits, we’re there. If you need strategy, we’re experts at it. You need a skeleton of what your website could look like, we’ll get you that blueprint. We’ll even tell you what aspect of your site would be visited often, and even tell you what is just not going to work. We’ll show you concepts, create layouts and put it on a platform where all aspects merge perfectly. We work on multiple platforms like HTML, PHP, Flash etc. But what’s more precious for you? Time. That’s exactly why you’ll benefit when you work with us, because we work with your deadline, not against it. Utmost quality that is time-bound, that’s us. Your deadline is our conscious boundary line, always on our minds.

Website Maintenance

If you’re online, so is your consumer. He is looking for current trends, products, fashion, information or even technology. He is born in the internet generation, owns a smartphone and is ready to spend his money. Are you going to be laidback and show him your website that was ten years old with no flash animation, or are you going to be the web-savvy company that this consumer looks up to, and almost worships? Exactly. That’s why if you want to be present online, you have to be relevant, and how would one do that, simply by making your website search engine friendly. In this fast-moving, game changer world, no one wants to be old school. The online world is huge, the audience is constantly looking for change. At Proditech, we’re the yuppies with a pulse on what this trendsetting consumer is doing, because we’re grown in the internet generation. If your website needs to be updated, perfect, we’ll even take it a step ahead and add some glitz to it. If you have a website that you want us to get updated (even though you’ve not developed by us), great, we love this job so much, we’ll be super thrilled to work our magic on it. So go ahead, punch our numbers, we’re waiting for your call. Hello?