Yes, it is and not Does it really matter?

Why it really doesn't matter if is not owned by Alphabet Inc. or Google Inc.

Domain does not belong to Google Inc. Or Alphabet Inc. and domain does not have brand name alphabet. Did Google not check the domain name before putting up a brand name? Honestly, they would have but why bother, because it really will not matter to them or anyone else, do you know why?

Larry Page recently announced on official Google Blog that the search giant Google Inc. will now be a part of a newly introduced parent company, Alphabet Inc. Looking at reasons and vision shared, there are a lot more promising products coming from Alphabet Inc. The word, ‘Alphabet’ is quite a common one, but at the same time it is unique for a company to have, especially when it is formed by a search giant. We do not wish to detail out on company name, as there are enough reasons given by founders, and it really matches to the company’s business proposition.

So why not and as a brand domain? (how does it matter?)

Apart from the actual news that Google now has a parent company, there is a lot of buzz around the domain name of the company like...

  • Was not available? (no it wasn’t)
  • Who does the domain name belong to? Did the existing owner did not give to Google Inc.? (BMW Group, does not look like)
  • Google Inc. did not do a domain availability check before incorporating a company? (Common, its Google they must have googled it too)
  • What even stands for? (almost everything you and me address)
  • Search giant books a non-search friendly domain name. (it really doesn’t matter to the company)
Yes agreed, .COM is the oldest and the most popular domain extension when it comes to domain name BUT does it really matter in this case?
Let us understand .COM is exhausted and it is difficult to find an exact English dictionary word domain name with a .com extension, especially for business names. Alphabet is a common and generic word, the general availability or having the domain would not be possible. As per domain whois record on, belongs to a car manufacturer BMW Group for its Business Mobility and Fleet Management. The domain was created on 3rd August 1995.

3 key facts of Google Inc. and Alphabet Inc. as roles.

  1. Google Inc. is now NOT the parent most company, Alphabet Inc. is.
  2. Google and its services are part of an umbrella Alphabet Inc., but of course the largest one as of now.
  3. Alphabet Inc. is a collection of a company which is a corporate identity and not a product or a service. Which means it does not have to have a search friendly website URL.

What does even stands for? (Almost everything)

Read it again, most of the things that we call out, falls between these 6 letters, ABC......XYZ.

Alphabet Inc. has played a smart and strategic move by using as its corporate identity. Almost everything you talk, hear, search, read, address to, fall under these 6 letters. It really would not matter to the formation of the parent company Alphabet Inc., as it is not providing a product or a service. As mentioned by Larry page, both Sergey and him can focus on other products and hand over the responsibilities to new CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Google, you have put an end to dominance of .COM by putting up parent company under .XYZ. There are many such TLDs (Top Level Domain) out there, which can be used if .COM is not available. Use them, run Search Engine around the product and service and not just a brand name. Think about it or contact us to discuss more.

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